Where can I practice spray painting? – Spray Paint Art Tutorial Planets

It’s easy and fun to learn how to make your own spray paint. It’s also fun for kids to play with.

Get Started!

Follow these five simple steps and your painted walls will quickly be a piece of art!

Use Paint Brush

With one brush, paint a color all over your walls.

Take a Paint Brush and Paint Around Your Living/Working Room

With your pink, orange, or green paintbrush, paint a single wall in front of your living room door, making sure the brush is perpendicular to the wall you want to paint.

Use Spray Paint

Spray paint your walls using the “spray paint trick.” This is the easiest way to make nice colors, so follow these steps!

Get the same color on as many walls as you’d like, all along your entire property and set a timer to paint for 24 hours, then wash the walls with bleach. Then, using a paper towel or damp cloth, wipe away the color. Then, go to the window and spray a single pattern of paint onto any surface you want. You can then remove the paper towel and use drywall glue to paint the pattern on your walls and doors.

For the best results, start with the smallest areas first and work across the building and through walls. After you have completely covered all the edges, you can check your first wall with a tape measure. Be sure to not go too over the edge. If you go over the edge just a little bit, then add more of the next color on.
Blue Dream - Spray Paint Art –Tutorial - Beginners - YouTube

Try to paint in bright, contrasting colors. Paint darker areas in the back and sides instead of the front. Keep painting the entire building. If you are spraying the whole building, make sure you only spray the walls with the different colors.

When you are done, be sure to take pictures of your finished projects and post them to Facebook and Twitter so you can add a little credit to the walls!

Use Spray Paint for Your House

Once you are satisfied with your walls, why not use your house as a starting point to create your own spray paint home?

If you have access to paint, make a simple design and then spray paint on that. For example, if you have a garage which needs a different color than the rest of it, spray paint the exterior garage, then paint the remainder of the garage in the home color. Or, create a pattern of spray paint on the kitchen floor by

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