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If you are a graffiti artist, here are a few things you would like to look for as you explore the world of graffiti painting:

I have a hard time believing that the New England Patriots have missed the playoffs for the first time since their last Super Bowl appearance in 2007. New England has finished in the playoff hunt each year in the Bill Belichick era. The only exception was 2008, when the Patriots lost to the New Orleans Saints in the first round of the postseason.

The last time they were in this position — before Bill Belichick became the Patriots’ head coach — they were in the playoffs in 2005. The season that they were eliminated in New Jersey was one of the most embarrassing in NFL history, and yet they still ended up winning the Super Bowl in 2008. It may be time for New England to do some serious reconsideration, as they appear to be on the wrong road.

They went 4-3 in games decided by three or fewer points in the postseason last year. They have already lost to the Green Bay Packers once this season, with Aaron Rodgers and the Packers getting the biggest one in Week 2 at Gillette Stadium. New England has one of the least efficient offenses in the league at 33 percent of drop backs, the lowest percentage in the NFL since 2004. The Patriots have the second most turnovers in the NFL, and despite only two interceptions, they have thrown four. If I had to guess at who the Packers will be next week against Atlanta, I would say Jordy Nelson.

This season the Patriots have given up 36.3 points per game on top of the 22.9 scored on average per game before their bye. Their yards per play (4.2) is the lowest average of any team since 2012. If you remove one of their most popular quarterback options, it’s easy to see why the Patriots may be struggling offensively. The pass protection isn’t so good, and the running game is atrocious. Those two issues are pretty easy to fix, and have to do much more than this quarterback situation to improve their offensive line. In the offensive line alone, they’re responsible for five sacks. They’re a complete mess, and New England has one more game in this current mess than the rest of the season.
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As much as it bothers me to see the Patriots losing, it pains me to see them make their fourth consecutive regular season appearance in the postseason without winning. The Patriots are 1-2 against the NFC East this season, but the most convincing reason of all

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