How long does it take to get good at graffiti? – Lightning Spray Paint Art Techniques Explained Netflix

One of the first things you learn when you paint is how to pick out the details of the stencils and where they have to go—where is the line between black and white? Sometimes the best way to tell you’re good at graffiti is to learn it through practice and try it as soon as possible. You’ll learn better, and it will feel better, and it will take less time to learn.

What do I look like when I’m done?

How you look when you’re done is all a product of how far you have got. A long time ago, if I didn’t have any big awards or big wins, people would just see me as somebody who wanted to break the rule. Now, you’re seen as “good.” People will often pay you to go with them to a gig to watch you work on your art—to know if you have what it takes to pass your apprenticeship.

When were you at the place where you are now?

It was early 2002. I was working as a graphic designer at an agency in Sydney. I didn’t realize the graffiti world would be how it is now. I only knew this art form existed about a year before I did that cover. I’ve been really lucky to have had opportunities to work with the best artists in the graffiti scene.

What are your most admired street artists?

My most admired street artist is the person who does the best work for me. Most of the people I admire are young or up-and-coming street artists. But of course, it’s not just one person—there’s many of us who work together to create something amazing together. It’s just not something I’ve ever seen happen in the graffiti scene before this.

What do people look like when you’re done?

I think you look like a real adult. I think that’s because the work is more organic than in the past. I mean, it’s more real, in your eyes and in the work. But, you get a little worried when you get paid to go up and down the alley because you’re doing your own business, but at the same time I don’t want my customers to feel uncomfortable, either.

Do you have a nickname for your work?

I call it “the spray paint of the future.” It’s something that’s new and different. It’s more organic. It’s in your eyes, and it’s your artwork.

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