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Gang graffiti is mostly written in writing that has been spraypainting a person and an object. Graffiti is written in a variety of styles that reflect the style of origin of the writer. Graffiti is the most effective way for gangs to promote their gang culture. Often these symbols are the only way that individuals know about who they are and to join them.

Who are the most prolific graffiti writers?

Gang graffiti writers have to compete with each other because they are trying to write as many graffiti. Gang graffiti writers can get around other graffiti writers because they are usually the only ones that have access to these graffiti writers because their gangs hold them up as the greatest graffiti writers. Gang graffiti writers are also the most successful, because of their skills of writing and how they create a large quantity of graffiti that is of great value to the community.

What is the meaning behind the artwork?

Gang graffiti is often a commentary on the culture and nature of gang culture, as well as on the urban environment. Gang graffiti is a way to use modern graffiti as they are used with the most of a city’s urban environment. In contrast, gang graffiti is more about writing about history and culture and a message that is very powerful.

What do graffiti symbols contain?

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Graffiti contains pictures, symbols, messages and words. Graffiti can also contain graffiti art, which is usually an attempt to express your feelings. Graffiti can have messages that can tell an entire story and have a powerful, poetic style that you would not find anywhere else. Graffiti art can be from artists, writers, graffiti writers or graffiti writers.

What do graffiti writers need to live on?

Graffiti writers are asked to earn income, to travel, to have a comfortable life, to be safe and to not go to jail. These are many of the demands that gang graffiti writers must meet to be able to live an everyday life. Their social status and importance as artists is often tied to the success of their gangs and their gang’s culture.

How many people can get away with graffiti?

In a city that is constantly changing, graffiti does not come easily to many people. Gang graffiti artists cannot always get away with graffiti because they will be subject to criminal investigation by police or would be sent to prison. Some can find a way to get away with graffiti, but not everyone can.

Why do graffiti writers need money?

Graffiti can be very lucrative, but it

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