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It’s not a big secret in the music industry. Just ask any artist in any genre and you can’t expect them to say they can’t. People think we take the same stuff as our big friends like The Pixies or Depeche Mode, but it’s a lot harder to get the same attention. You’re going to have to do stuff that’s better. But there’s nothing like painting on canvas. It’s also a pretty fun way to work on your own style and make your own unique art.

Do you know anything about painting on canvas?

I’m just really into the look of it. I guess I could see myself getting a degree in art… I mean, that sounds like something people who go to college like but when people think about going to college, they think about art.

What are some of your biggest influences?

A lot of people would think that the Rolling Stones are huge, but there are not a lot of people that are making bands that really look and sound like The Rolling Stones. When you take into consideration a lot of bands that have come and gone in rock, and then you take a look at the style and the influences of the Stones, it’s really weird to say that a lot of people actually think we’re big. But I have a lot of great friends who are all doing stuff right now.

AMAZING New York City Spray Paint Art in Time Square 2014 ...
This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

It’s been a tumultuous few weeks for Sen. Al Franken, who resigned following multiple accusations of sexual misbehavior. Some of his former colleagues aren’t buying his excuse: Franken should have known what he was getting into.

On Thursday, Franken was asked for his response to sexual harassment accusations, which many have leveled against him over the years, and he dodged, saying, “I know there’s been a lot of talk about it, and there will be.”

Later that day, a former Democratic National Committee staffer leaked a tape that the man claims was Franken making sexual advances toward him under the guise of being a photographer. Franken says he doesn’t remember anything about any of the encounters but he can’t “foresee ever experiencing anything like this again.”

In that same week, a Los Angeles Times report detailed the number of stories about allegations that Franken had molested and/or harassed young women after entering the Senate in 1991.

At least six women have alleged to The Huffington Post that they faced unwanted advances or attempted misconduct by Franken during or following his time

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