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I know that there are some things that you may have to wait for your application to complete to make it go, but is it possible for you to make a “sand the paint off” in the paint? I’m trying to create a “sand it into the texture” of my nails to make them more realistic, but am having trouble. Thanks in advance for any pointers!

Sixty seconds.

That’s how long it takes to make a perfect shot from the point of view of NASA astronaut Scott Kelly.

The record for the fastest human-made flight was set on Tuesday (Nov. 24) in the International Space Station, and Kelly achieved it in a 60-second window: 6.8 seconds.

“I have a feeling we will beat the record again,” says Kelly.

Kelly will be doing another 60-second experiment when he returns to Earth in March. For the moment, the fastest man on Earth is Russian cosmonaut Valeri Polyakov. His record of six seconds was set in December 2010.

The time Kelly set on Tuesday was the best he had ever seen. In the previous record set on Nov. 17, Kelly had broken NASA’s previously held record as it is known, by 0.8 seconds.

Kelly’s record was originally set on June 1, 1986. His flight lasted just under 13 minutes.

In the video above, watch how the time ticked away.

If there’s a single thing you can’t live without, it’s a good cup of coffee. Here are our top picks for espresso machines:


You’re going to need to have the latest Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 for Mac for this to work, but they have a special one available that will let you import your video straight from a DVR or DCC file straight from Adobe’s website with no editing or encoding required on your computer.

Click the image below for a fullsize gallery of this amazing tool!

Source: Creative Cloud

A group of students in England protested for their right to speak in a lecture hall in September. They were forced to cancel the event after the management offered them a more private room, as a gesture of reconciliation that, they would have liked to use.

The protesters did want to speak, though.

The students, who were all members of the All Souls College in Northampton, England, objected to The British Atheists’ planned lecture on freedom of association; they asked that

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