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My experience on Krylon is I love it. I bought my first bottle about the time it started coming out of the plant. I did some research with the guys at Krylon and this is what they had to say: “Krylon is the #1 supplier of high quality, environmentally safe products to farmers. Krylon is the only company to earn an “A” rating from the Sierra Club for their use of renewable and clean energy.” Krylon: The company that makes the most toxic paint possible.

In my opinion Krylon spray paint is the worst and the least safe way of painting. They don’t give you any warning that it might poison you or damage your plants or your crops. In my opinion it is not safe to work anywhere near a spray paint can. A spray can of Krylon is so hazardous to our environment that people should not use one. I am afraid that anyone who uses it will end up with a terrible rash but it won’t hurt them that badly. But if it does happen, it will be very embarrassing, and very costly.

I will use a garden sprayer. If your family uses spray cans, spray paint is a must have with most gardeners.

Don’t spray all over the house with a krylon spray. Do not use a krylon spray on flowers or plants with tight stems.

It isn’t just the spray. It is the cleaning solution, the sealers, spray paint that makes krylon so toxic.

Krylon: the company with the most toxic paint

Krylon, the company responsible for making the most toxic paint, sells a “Krylon Cleaner” spray that is used as a cleaner to the paints it makes. Not all krylon sprays are bad but all krylon sprays are bad. You don’t know what you’re spraying when you buy it and it all makes it easier for you to end up in a horrible situation like in my case.

How to wash the spray paint off your house or vehicle
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Dry off the water with a clean rag. Wipe the water off the spray paint with a clean rag with the end of a wet sponge. Let dry. You can apply a coat of krylon clean in a spray machine. Follow with a quick dryer on low setting and a bit of water to avoid drying the paint. I am always concerned when I look at a spray paint can that it wasn’t dried completely or I

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