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Rustoleum paint is designed to be used on painted surfaces. Rustoleum spray paint can also be used on painted, uncoated and smooth surfaces. The only thing that must be covered is the paint’s primer. The primer is used to coat all surface areas before using the spray on paint. In the event that paint is splashed on glass or a sharp object, be sure to wash off the paint with a water based foam product.

Rustoleum spray paint is designed to be applied directly to nonporous surfaces or to surfaces you can apply with a paper application. This means that Rustoleum spray paint will not be able to stick to the ceramic or laminate components of a dishwasher or to ceramic tile or ceramic tiles, but it will still have a good application.

How to clean Rustoleum spray paint?

Before using Rustoleum spray paint, always wash any area to which Rustoleum spray paint has been applied to remove any buildup. Rustoleum spray paint is a great way to remove odors from a carpet.

A recommended method for cleaning Rustoleum spray paint is to gently rinsing it with hot water. A little bit of oil on the brush can also help clean off the buildup in a spray paint can. Use caution, as not only is it extremely messy, there is a risk of damaging your spray paint or getting oil on the brush. Always apply a small amount of oil onto the brush and let it drip off until a good rinsing period is achieved.

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