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The EPA was not asked by the industry for a chemical listing or toxicological profile but did publish the EPA’s National Toxicology Program (NTP) report showing that the highest levels of the chemical are not associated with any health benefits.

It is widely believed that chemical products are made with lead as part of the production process. And because some of these compounds have significant toxicity, they are listed as “known human carcinogens” — for example, methylmercury and brominated flame retardants are known health hazard for workers but also have been found in children’s blood and urine but in no cases have they led to cancer.

Drake, the Canadian artist currently facing deportation because of his Canadian visa status, has an answer for every one of U.S. border protection’s questions:

“I’m going to the US”

“I have a friend here who has a visa”

“I have to go to Canada”

“I have to get a visa again”


It took less than a year for Drake to be deported from the US after being denied his green card. That was just the beginning, and now Drake is facing the prospect of having his green card pulled due to his questionable and criminal background.

His case is not unique but is still interesting especially since Drake is one of three Canadians with green cards who have fallen victim to this particular kind of illegal immigration problem. This is what Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said about him:

“I have no way of knowing the individual personally,” he said.

His story highlights the fact that it is extremely difficult to distinguish between people illegally and a legal permanent resident:

“This individual is now a citizen of the United States and is not being permitted to enter this country,” he said.

Drake’s predicament was apparently due to President Trump signing a bill that allows the president to decide who can and can’t work and immigrate in the U.S. It’s the same kind of legislation that caused one Canadian to lose his green card over what they are learning to be a very bad idea.

Drake’s dilemma is the same that the Trump administration is going to end up facing, because even though the president can’t be certain of their citizenship status, there is a real chance they will be deported for not taking out the required paperwork. That’s why immigration lawyers in the U.S. are now calling for an end to any immigration enforcement that

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