Why graffiti is a crime? – Spray Paint Art Techniques Explained Variance Definition

Graffiti is a crime committed against property and is often a crime of public concern. Graffiti is a crime in all the jurisdictions in which the offender resides. Graffiti can be found on walls and buildings across the country but does not always contain a direct message. Graffiti includes any of the following:

(a) words, writing or numbers defacing, damaging or otherwise defacing property other than a business, school, court, cemetery, public park, or public highway;

(b) an object placed on or in the ground, which is intended to attract attention;

(c) a visible object placed for some other purpose than to identify or attract attention;

(d) a permanent representation of a person, place, vehicle, or vehicle combination;

(e) another person’s personal property, property of another person or property that is taken, injured or destroyed.

Note 1: Graffiti can also come in forms that include spray-painted art, graffiti, graphics, or images.

Note 2: All graffiti is often considered property damage.

Types of graffiti

Graffiti may have a variety of motives. While graffiti may refer to the individual act, most graffiti may be symbolic or intended to provoke some kind of response. Graffiti is an aggressive or insulting act and may involve damage or defacement.

Examples of graffiti

A typical graffiti sign may read:

Wipe this out!
File:Spraypaint art by Thomas Sorresso.JPG - Wikimedia Commons


Paint it over!


Don’t walk by this!


Don’t use this!


Don’t mess with our city!

Graffiti is an important problem for the City of Calgary. Every day, it is reported that at least one residential property has been written on.

A city study found that one out of five businesses and two out of seven schools had graffiti on them. In addition, almost half of all residential properties have graffiti as well.

To reduce graffiti

The City of Calgary recognizes graffiti as a serious problem that is a safety issue for the community, and is committed to working with law enforcement to address graffiti as a public safety concern. The City has established an Environmentally Responsible Graffiti Program that is dedicated to graffiti prevention work. The Graffiti Removal Unit is responsible for graffiti abatement and has established a partnership with the City to assist in graffiti abatement efforts.


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