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It’s not the only term. Spray painting or graffiti is a way of writing or drawing a message on an object which is then used to cover the rest of its surface.

When do people spray paint in New York City?

People spray paint all the time in New York City, particularly in areas close to the water.

What is spray paint?

Spray painting is when sprayers apply an oily substance to a piece of paper, usually with a brush or spray gun. The message then is spray painted on (sometimes on the wall) using a paintbrush.

Who usually does spray paint?

Spray painting happens most frequently at water-cooled bars in the East Village or other bars with lots of people. It tends to be men, mostly African American, and sometimes people with other ethnic backgrounds (Asian, Russian, Italian, etc.). Often they are there because they want to get drunk, usually because they’re bored. They often find a few hours each week to do it. Other times, they want to give their local paper the feeling that they’re doing something important.

Why would someone spray paint their message on a water-filled wall?

Because it’s fun to paint, it’s funny to read a story or something you want to remember about, it’s easy to conceal the message, and it’s fun to have a good time doing it. Even if there is nothing written or done on the wall itself it can still become a way to remember something that has happened or be reminded about something you love from when you were younger.

How much money does someone spray paint on the wall?

They don’t usually spray too many times on the wall (they can’t spray a message across the whole wall so it can’t be seen from every angle). So, some spray and some don’t, but on average someone might spray maybe six or seven times with an average paint price of about $20-$30.

Do I need to get permission to spray paint?

Yes, you do need to get permission and if someone spray paints graffiti or graffiti spray paints it is often done with the intent to sell the spray paint. You need to get permission to spray paint if you want to do it without permission (that’s where they’re called spray painting gang members).

Can I spray paint at work? Can I spray spray paint on the street?

Yes, as long as you are within a two block radius of

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