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Gesso spray is used to control and prevent fleas on the skin. It is more expensive than other flea products but the results are often not seen at the price of other products.

Is gesso spray right for me?

Yes you can get a good dose of the same results, but you may need to apply twice or even several times a day.

My cat has fleas and they are biting me. Where can I apply the gesso, and how?

Gesso spray can be applied directly to the cat’s skin. This method works well for small bites or scratches while it is applied with sterile tweezers or a cotton swab. You might also use a cotton washcloth, cotton ball, or plastic food-type applicator to apply to the skin.

I want to add a new kind of spray that works better for cats (cute!) How do I do so?!?

We’re looking to add more types of gesso (such as cotton-like/tissue-like, etc.) to our assortment in the future, but for now we only use the same brand of gesso spray. We have our own supplier in the US and also sell geso and cotton spray in the UK for a relatively small fee. Simply email us at info@cutecatshoot.co.uk for more information.

How do I get my cat to clean up fleas?

To get your cat to clean up fleas, apply gesso spray after the flea treatment and let your cat sit or lie down without petting you for a few minutes. Your cat should then start licking all the dust and flea bites you have left. If you find your cat doesn’t help up, give it a shower and repeat for a few days. If you see fleas on the carpeting, apply gesso spray again, again, and again to remove them completely. Don’t try to put fleas where there is no carpet!

What do I do if my cat keeps getting fleas and has fleas on her skin?

If your cat starts getting more frequent fleas from you, you can use another flea deterrent from our range of indoor pets. If you don’t have one already, we do have a selection of many brands which work well for cats. The cost is $4.95 for a 100g tube.

The best flea deterrent

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