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Yes — just as some of us will have heard, many years ago. Rustoleum was a product of the French chemist, Paul-Henri Oudin, who discovered its formula in 1867 (see photo below). He named it so, because he noticed that certain trees, called “rustic” for their reddish-brown, reddish bark and, more generally, for having no bark at all, contained tiny quantities of its resin (see photo below). Oudin also remarked that such trees produce an “unsavoury smell,” and that they are often described as resembling a green earth. It is of course not so surprising that rustoleum should be used to coat wood; when oil paints and oil shampoos were used, all kinds of wood products could be applied to the wooden surfaces of vehicles and structures (see photo below). Even in the 1930s, it was thought safe to coat metal frames and wooden panels that already had been painted in oil: the coating could be removed with a solvent in the usual way. As we all know now, it is possible to apply a coating of this kind to wood as well as to any other surface. This makes it clear that rustoleum is not strictly oil related, but it is certainly more popular than it seems. The fact that the chemical formula can be readily calculated from a chemical formula can help to explain how rustoleum could become so popular. The more popular the product or surface that has been coated, the more likely it will continue to be sold. For example, the fact that a goodly number of people still have access to rustoleum paints (which make up about 90% of what’s on the market these days) provides a good reason for this to continue, because their usage is very widespread. The product, however, has also become more costly. At a certain point, the price of the product becomes so high that people have no other choice than to get rid of it. In the past, the cost of getting rid of rustoleum on a large scale could be provided by the price of the product itself. With the rise of global oil prices (see also, above) and the need for consumers to be able to afford them, that price has declined quite drastically, and rustoleum has lost its role of being a must-have finish. Rustoleum was popularized by the oil industry. There have been numerous reports of oil companies using this type on the surfaces of their vehicles, from which the word “rustic

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