What does spray paint not stick to? – Spray Paint Art Techniques Explained The Next Pandemic

Well the answer is: It does stick to almost EVERYTHING except plastic. It sticks to glass, wood, metal, and sometimes even the insides of your computer case. For the purposes of this post, we’ll go through the basic principles of spray painting, and then get into my methodology for painting things so it’s as easy as possible for you to do the same.

How Long Does A Spray Paint Job Take?

I’ve had three different folks paint my house over the past decade. In those three years, each person’s job took up to 40-45 hours and was completed in about three weeks. They were mostly painters, but some people just paint with water, with or without spray paint.

Some of the things I know that they could do better are: painting with water

painting off a lot

painting outside

painting at night or in the rain

painting on bright, shiny surfaces

painting with a brush instead of a spray gun

painting very clean or very muddy

painting with a non-porous surface I guess.

If they want to be completely transparent in their paint jobs, they could paint on their floor when they’re in and out of the house. They could also spray paint with a spray gun. But my suggestion to them: Do ALL your painting BEFORE you take a shower so you’re not cleaning any of the stuff off your sheets when you come out of the bathroom. It will be a lot more efficient than cleaning with your hands and spray paint in the shower.

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How Does The Surface Affect The Paint?

A lot of the time you’ll be doing painting of a piece of a building (e.g. a roof, ceiling, wall) and the surface will be so smooth you’ll see white flecks on the surface. A big part of what makes these surfaces so amazing to paint is that they’re so smooth and flat that they’re not supposed to get that way.

The surface is like a rubber sheet that you’re putting on a wall

But you’re not supposed to see those flecks. In fact, you’re not supposed to see anything at all as long as the surface is smooth and flat. And you’re not supposed to use the same surface that you’re painting on if the surface is flat (for example, if someone’s putting on a new roof).

The idea is to

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