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You need to be concerned with the type of spray paint used. Spray colors can range from bright oranges and yellows, to lighter shades, and shades of brown. The consistency of the spray paint is also important to consider. If the paint is too stiff, it will be difficult to remove. On the other hand if it is too thin, it will be difficult to apply to the surfaces since it will cause damage. You can find a wide array of products on the market that provide different types of colors, formulations and coatings.

Cuba is one of the few countries in the world where gay Americans are treated with dignity and respect. It is the most anti-homosexual country in the world.

So it should come as no surprise that one of Cuba’s most important newspapers (El Pais) is now openly gay and is the first in the Caribbean to publish an openly gay editor (and, as of last week, a gay columnist), and now, another gay Cuban journalist.

In a long-awaited change, the Cuba Daily recently published an editorial by a gay man who now writes for a paper that is open to all (as is El Pais, by the way). Fidel Castro has always said that homosexuals are criminals who need to be locked up and that homosexuals should not have their own newspaper .

What is even more troubling about Cuba is that it is a nation where many homosexual Cubans remain free to live without fear of persecution. Many Cubans openly discuss homosexuality and other LGBT issues and there is no reason that gays and lesbians should be persecuted in a country in which they may be free to live without fear.

Of course, a country cannot solve every problem of human development and human rights that it faces. There are other factors that make Cuba different from, say, Iran. For example, Cuba has a strong Catholic religious element, unlike those who are more open about their gay lifestyle in Iran. And while Cuba has a long history of being one of the few countries in the world where gays and lesbians are treated with dignity and respect (it was the only country to vote to repeal the death penalty) it also has a recent history of discrimination and marginalization.

As with Israel, Cuba and many other countries have different views on the subject. But it is important to keep in mind that many of the countries the world celebrates today as gay-friendly are those that continue to be very poor economically and which have long histories of discrimination against people of differing sexual orientations.

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