How do you spray paint fine lines? – Spray Paint Art Ideas Easy

Paint by hand is the only way to go!

What paint color do I spray paint?

Select your color

Select your paint color

How do I clean up my paints?

Wipe dry and use acetone on surfaces to restore the original shine.

How do you prep to paint?

To prep (pre-soak) the paint:

Clean paint with acetone and a soft brush.

Apply a light coat of Acetate (if required) using an acetone resistant paint (like our Clear Black or Enamel Primer, you can use our Paint Brush in Color) to protect from stains and dust. For best results use an acetone resistant paint like our Clear Black or Enamel Primer, you can use our

Select the right layer thickness for the area to be covered:

Select the layer thickness using our Layer Choices Tool.

How do you dry your nails?

You’ll need to spray dry or soak both sides of your nails to help keep the oils in and to help protect the colors when they dry. You can also use a sponge on your nail to buff.

We used our brush dipped in dry alcohol to apply these coats and did a quick sanding and buffing.

What nail finishes are available?

Available in Clear Black, Clear Enamel or in any Color

How does the nail cover work? Are there any ways to customize it?
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The cover that comes on the tip of your nails doesn’t include any detail. If you are happy with your cover, you can leave it up. If you’re not happy with it, remove it.

I want to put a little bit of detail/cushion/liner behind my nail!

There is a hole between the endpapers and the top tip of your nail to help you cover your nail with the liner or detail. We’ve included a small hole or a little cushion underneath your manicure to help you add your details. If you want to add even more detail, you can remove that cover from your nail.

Can my nails be longer/pierced/pigmented? Can I put some glitter or glitter glue on my nails?

You will need to trim your nails to fit the cover.

Can I cover my nails with nail polish or nail gloss?

Nail Polish is a medium to thick coating. Your cover may or may

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