Is Rustoleum paint waterproof? – Spray Paint Art Ideas Easy

“Well yes it is! This paint is super-absorbent, so there is no need for worry about it getting on your car when it rains.” – Mike P., Michigan

“The Rustoleum Clear Coat doesn’t affect paint, and is perfect for cars that need to be painted during the summer.” – Ryan, Florida

What you will need in your kit:

1.) Rustoleum clear coat.

2.) Rustoleum Rustoleum-Black Rustoleum-White Rustoleum.

3.) 2×4 pieces of ½ inch plywood (8.5″ by 5.5″)

4.) 8x12x1/2″ (3×8×10) 2×4 board (4.5″ X 7.5″ O.D.)

A few basic precautions that you will want to take:

– You don’t want a bunch of spray cans or something.

– You don’t want a bunch of foam spray cans.

– You don’t want a bunch of Rustoleum primer.

What do I use in my kit?

– Rustoleum 1-5/8″ (1 inch by 3/16″) plywood, 1×2 boards, or one piece of 2×8.5″ 2×4.5″ board.

5 gallons of Rustoleum-Black Rustoleum-White Rustoleum spray paint (you can use Rustoleum Clear Coat). (you can buy Rustoleum Clear Coat online. I prefer this product).

– 4 gallon bucket for spray paint.

What other things do I need?

– Plastic buckets and plastic gloves. (you can buy gloves online).

– 5 gallon bucket, plastic cover to keep spray paint sealed inside. (i.e. do NOT put the paint spray paint in the bucket).

– Plastic baggie for the spray paint. (i.e. Do NOT put the paint in your baggie).

– Rubber gloves to hold the spray paint.

– A spray bottle.

What can I do with the spray paint?

– Put the Rustoleum clear coat into bucket. Spray paint is not good at getting into doors. Paint also won’t stick to rust-covered car parts.

– Spray paint paint is great for wiping, and for polishing.

– Spray paint

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