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As you can see below, what we have is pretty standard Krylon spray paint acrylic. To put this into perspective, when I first bought all of the paints for this project, that’s the only paint that they used as a spray painting medium.
The difference that Krylon paint vs. acrylic paints are that Krylon is a spray paint and acrylic is a semi-permeable paint. With Krylon paint, the acrylic is a semi-permeable paint.
 A Krylon painting is typically filled with Krylon pigment (a mixture of acrylic paint and Krylon plastic). This is usually done with some kind of sprayer attachment. 
Krylon paint can be applied in many different ways. 
1) Krylon paint can be brushed or sprayed directly over your pieces of artwork. This is often done with acrylic paints, such as Krylon Ultra Gloss, Krylon Clear Gloss, or Krylon Clear Clear (which also goes by Krylon Spray Paint).
Black spray cans spray paint on transparent Vector Image
2) A Krylon spray paint can be applied wet, dripped on, or dipped in water for a more intense paint. The water can then be rinsed off. The Krylon spray can can be used to clean other surfaces as well, such as a white board or carpet.   (more below)

(3) Another option for Krylon spray paint is to use it directly on your artwork, as long as you have access to a brush. This can be a bit easier if you just get a cheap spray can and just get into the painting and let Krylon spray you up.
3) Using the Krylon paint on your art can take awhile. Krylon spray paint has a very thick consistency, and a large surface area. You can imagine where this paint can go. The only exception to the above is getting the art and Krylon spray paint as completely clean as possible. This can usually be done by using a cleaning product such as Krylon spray paint cleaner and letting it sit for a few days to get the paint into the surface. This way the paint doesn’t absorb too much of what the cleaner is actually absorbing and making your surfaces less shiny.  This cleaning product does remove any residue that might still be on the surface of your artwork.  If there is any residue left, don’t worry too much about it and let it go.  It should start to come off in about a week. 
If you are not able to clean your art with the Krylon spray paint cleaner then you can

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