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Rustoleum 2x enamel comes in 2x size! A 1″ (1.25cm) wide, 1 1/2″ deep and 1″ tall (1.5cm) clear plastic cap with a 3 1/4″ (7cm) rounded edge. Each cap has one side open to protect the teeth. A rubber gasket protects the sides of the teeth. The clear plastic cap is a strong plastic, and the inside is a smooth, glossy finish. If you have a hard time finding an exact 1x size, you can order a 2x enamel cap, but please allow a couple of weeks delivery for this. These caps do not come with a rubber gasket, nor any other accesories. They do not come with the silver or beige color on the silver enamel as well.

What makes a good dentist?

We do not offer dentistry in the United States at the moment, but in our store you can find dentists of all experience levels. We always take the trouble to tell you if a dentist is good or isn’t to ensure you are getting a good experience. We only take orders from good dentists who have worked for many years or have a good reputation.

What are the cost for the treatment I need?

Dentists do not charge for treatments and are not required by law to tell you that you are receiving treatment. We can only recommend dentists you have been recommended by another dentist. We do not, however, cover all treatment costs as the cost can vary greatly.

I have been told there is a difference between enamel and enamel and that it is better for the teeth.

The dental industry is a highly regulated industry that has been around since the 17th century. In fact, the first laws were passed in 1823 prohibiting dentists from injecting people with things like lead. This was in order to prevent dentists from removing a tooth, or a child’s tooth, due to a disease. The dentist’s job is to heal the teeth and enamel using the best possible methods. You will not find enamel in a dental office anywhere today, and you can be assured that your teeth are not made out of lead.

In addition, it is important to know, if you have any type of disease, that you always seek the advice and advice of an independent, qualified dentist. We can be very helpful with any questions you may have.

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