How do you make cool spray paint art? – Spray Painting Art With Toothbrush

And are you looking for inspiration?

Yes, I’m still painting at home. I always keep an old painting in the basement, and I paint it everyday and paint it really well, so that’s a big help.

What do you like about making spray paint art?

I like the flexibility, right? Paint can go anywhere and I can use it anywhere, so it’s always changing and I find that really interesting. I prefer to paint with multiple colors so I can mix and match it too like a lot of people do.

Do you like any of the new paint brands or are you just happy with the colors that you have?

I like new brand spray paints. I’ve never liked the old brand but since I’ve bought new spray paints I find them really good.

Do you still get to create with the spray paint, or is the focus more than ever on your own work?

At the moment I’m just painting my projects with my own hands and learning. But I am definitely still building my skills and getting better at paint so I want to keep adding more color to it.

What happens when you take a few thousand people, throw them in a lab, and force them to make horrible, horrible choices? In the words of John Keene, “What happens if an animal has no reason to fear?”

You get the most insane, mind-numbing game of Risk you’ve ever seen.
Day in Night reflection -SPRAY PAINT ART by Skech - YouTube

For the uninitiated, Risk is a video game about a bunch of people in a board games room. Everyone knows what the goal is, but they’re given a bunch of dice and told to roll them in a particular way. If the numbers line up, then the game is over. If they don’t? Well, there’s nothing more to it, and you can do it all over again tomorrow. The game started out as just that: a game. No one was really interested in playing it. The developers were just interested in making a really dumb, dumb game.

Then they introduced a new element: there were several ways you could win games.

If the number on the die was two 1’s, then you’d win. You could win with a single roll to the upper right of the die, or with a couple rolls to the right. If the numbers on the die were odd, then you’d win by rolling a five that rolled up like a rocket straight into the void. If they were even, then

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