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This is a complicated question – but, it’s complicated. The term “paint” (or, in layman’s terms, “anhydrous ammonia”) is a technical term that most people can easily understand and use. It’s actually a very simple chemical reaction: ammonia combines with water or air in a solvent to form ammonia-water or acetic acid; and in a reaction between sodium and alcohol, the reaction produces a mixture of sodium and ethanol. The sodium hydroxide reacts with the alcohol to produce water (or, in more technical terms, “baking soda” and ethanol, which both react in the same way). If you want to do a really quick chemistry look up Sodium Hydroxide to find out how it’s made. Paint spray paint is a mixture of sodium hydroxide with water or a combination of both (like water and anhydrous ammonia). You spray the mixture on the paint and it dries (like most things) within a few minutes or hours depending on the heat it’s held at, whether the paint is a very thick, light color or a very thin, fine paint – depending on how thick you want it to be. This isn’t like rubbing water or even regular paint on an object – the paint is completely separate from its surface and is not subject to wear. If a very thick (thin) layer of paint dries too quickly, the layer has shrunk and the thin layer will start coming off. This is also true with very thin coats – a thick layer of acrylic paint or water on plastic will be very smooth – but when it dries it will be chalky from the contact of the hot paint, especially if the paint is a very thick layer.
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In the case of spray paint though, the paint is completely separate from the surface – and since the paint is actually water or acetone, a spray bottle should not come close to touching it if it dries immediately too quick.

Some people even suggest that you spray the mixture on something, then press it down hard and heat it to get some of it to vaporize and the excess to fall out. This is one way of putting the paint into the oven. If however that doesn’t work, a much faster way of getting the paint into the oven is with a metal heat gun. It’s not a very expensive item, so getting one is probably worth the investment.

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