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 Well, I’m a guy that, pretty much, makes a lot of stuff.  I love everything that I do.  That and I like making things that I can look down upon.  So, I make stuff at home to show off on my walls.  This time, I was doing some spray paint art for my friend.  It was a simple black & white spray paint color, and I’m really happy with how it turned out.  I like how it looks, it’s just how I like it. So, I’m here to talk about some fun patterns and spray painting with acrylics. 
Here’s what I used:
A bottle of cheap acrylics or paint!  
A small box of hobby size white acrylics (I use 1.75″ for this)
I used a small box of 1.75” white acrylics for the lines above, and another smaller box for the “sketchy” pattern (which is kind of a “crayon” shape).
I did this for three different walls: the right side of the window (on a wall with white walls), the side of the window with blue windows, and the side of the window with black windows.  I used the same colors for the top and bottom of each panel.  My process is a little different from most people’s because I don’t always use a large paint brush and brush.  For the lines, I use a paint sponge.
Here’s what it looked like in the end.  I’m really happy with how this turned out.
Well, there you have it.  You can check out the rest of the tutorial at my website
Thank you for reading!
Happy painting!

From Terraria Wiki

The Lava Crawlers are two large, insectoid enemies that appear in The Depths. These two enemies have a variety of attacks. They spawn when you die and the first one will try to eat you. You can defeat them quickly by defeating them quickly. If you can destroy or stun the Crawlers, however, they are still very deadly if the player is not careful.

Lava Crawlers are hostile and will attack the player as a single-target melee attack. They spawn in groups, so it is advised to defeat them all in the same area, especially if it has no enemies that aren’t very powerful. When defeated, the one that eats the player will drop

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