How long does Rustoleum spray paint last? – Spray Paint Art Supplies Near Me

It lasts as long as you would expect for a full length spray paint job. For a small job, Rustoleum claims it will keep for anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months.

We’ve used multiple Rustoleum sprays in the past year so we can attest to the durability of this product. While it gets sticky if left in the container, it’s a great product for cleaning up spills and any other issues. Plus, it’s pretty inexpensive.

Overall, we have had no issues in the last year. We would recommend Rustoleum Spray for detailing.

Can Rustoleum be used to repair windows?

Yes. Rustoleum spray paint is great for repairing glass, and windows can usually be repaired with Rustoleum spray paint (although you’ll need to do it several times). If you need a window repair in which rust is the cause, you’ll need to use a Rustoleum sealer. Rustoleum’s sealer requires the exact same spray pattern as the spray paint, a little spray paint sprayer along with some sealer. Rustoleum sealer comes in 2 colors and can cost as much as $15 a can.

Are there better paints or sprays out there?

Yes. If you’d like more details on products or techniques, check out some of our previous coverage at the How to Get the Most Out of Rustoleum How did we rate Rustoleum?

Can we reuse rustoleum?

Yes! As long as the old spray can is closed and sealed, it’s still rustoleum. As long as we have the spray can and the spray pattern, we’re going to keep Rustoleum spray paint and spray sealer in the same container. This means for a window repair that involves rust damage, we can reuse the spray paint.

If you don’t want to reuse the spray can, you can paint the spray paint using the same spray pattern, but instead of Rustoleum spray paint and Rustoleum sealer, you can use a high quality spray sealer/pre-treat spray.

Can I use rustoleum spray paint for more than one color?

Yes and yes!

For example, if you’re working on a car that is very clean with very little paint, you can use Rustoleum spray paint to keep the cars shine throughout the entire job. If you’re painting a car, but still want to

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