Is Krylon better than rustoleum? – Spray Paint Art On Wall

Not necessarily…

Krylon (K0603-07) and Rustoleum (R3-1) both contain high levels of certain metals, such as chromium and manganese. One report from a recent trial of Krylon (K0603-07) noted that both substances “pose significant health risks to people with lung or heart disease.”

Another concern with Krylon is that it is a petroleum based solvent. “It’s not natural oil,” says Robert Smith, a spokesperson for the Canadian Pesticides Action Network. “It is highly toxic. It causes very high levels of toxicity. If you have sensitive skin, you’re going to be sensitive to this and be very sensitive to contact.” [Source: Canadian Pesticides Action Network]

As for Rustoleum, “There’s a lot of controversy about its use. For one it’s quite toxic,” says Michael Furlan, a professor of chemical engineering at the University of Alberta. “For another, it’s not completely clear. There’s a risk of causing allergic reactions if the skin is exposed to this substance.”

Is Rustoleum better than Krylon? It depends.

However, for many consumers there is little question. “It is an absolute must-have for me,” says Jennifer Dreyfus. “To protect my kids from lead and copper, it’s my first choice.”

Other users of Krylon include:

Wine drinkers who wear contact lenses.

Children playing with toys with lead paint.

Health care workers and others who work near hazardous materials.

Radiators who repair and maintain medical devices.

Retail, manufacturing, transportation and other industries using dangerous industrial chemicals.

Krylon is not recommended. Although some health professionals recommend it, it’s not considered safe by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the World Health Organization and all the experts we surveyed.

“It’s not safe,” says Kevin Healy, president of The National Consumer Organization of America. “[It contains] aluminum, aluminum hydroxide. It has all these toxic chemicals, and some of them are highly hazardous, such as chromium. And all of the products contain those.”

He calls Krylon “toxic garbage,” adding, “I don’t care how much you get away with. This stuff is toxic garbage. It is one of the greatest health risks on the planet.”

What is the government doing about

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