Is rustoleum lacquer or enamel? – Spray Paint Art Techniques

It’s neither. It’s lacquer made out of the shells of the tiny sea turtles that live in the area where we drill for oil and gas. As long as you can get hold of a good quality shell, it’s perfectly legal to paint on it or eat it.

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Rustoleum lacquer. Image via eBay.

And you’d better do this before somebody catches you. The shell of a sea turtle is so tough that it can go through a million layers before finally turning into a rusty look. I was able to find a dozen shells of different sizes for $8 on eBay. I bought a small shell for $9 and a big shell for $12. As you can see, each is actually a different colour of shell.

As far as colour goes, the bigger the shell the more opaque or golden it looks. However, when I painted mine I used just a thin layer of the red lacquer before it dripped down onto the metal. This is because of the way the lacquer is applied, which actually gives the colour more of a shine than it would normally have.

The red is all I used. It’s a bit much for me to have done this, you can’t argue with perfection, but it works well for this project.

I’m not going to lie, I kind of enjoy the looks of rust that I get from all of these shells. I think it actually does a good job of bringing out the colour of a shell. Of course, you get a few cases of rusty shells in your lifetime (my brother got one last year for his birthday), but this will serve me for many years to come.

For those who don’t know already, when you drill for oil or gas, all of these little sea turtle shells are going to be sucked up and sucked up. This is where it gets a bit tricky. You can’t just stop drilling for oil and gas. They’ve got to be released into the atmosphere and come up with a solution to trap the water below. If you don’t have a way to get back up to the surface and release all those shells then that’s it. No more oil or gas for decades.

So, that’s why I’ve decided to paint my own sea turtle shells. My uncle bought me a bottle of enamel to test it out. I figured that if I got the same looks with paint then I would get more of a reaction from people and more money. The truth is, this won

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