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Graffiti artists come from all walks of life, although more often it is males. But they are always young, with an interest in politics and social activism. They also love art and are known to be avid readers. They also tend to live outside their native cities.

What is graffiti writing?

Graffiti writing, in and of itself, is not often recognized as art. It is a form of writing that is created on buildings, walls, sidewalks, and signs. This writing can be used as messages, artwork, or decoration. The most important thing about graffiti writing is that it can be created quickly, can be seen and read easily by children, and is often used as a form of protest. Graffiti writing seems to have very little political content, yet can be politically provocative. However, graffiti can get controversial when used by groups or individuals. Although it can be used to express political ideas, graffiti as a form of art and a form of dissent is frowned upon by many.
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What does graffiti symbolize?

Graffiti writing on walls or walls of buildings can depict anything they want. This can be anything from a message of protest, or a message of love, to political beliefs or slogans. Although a lot of graffiti messages can be read in a variety of ways, it is important that the reader read and understand the message, its meaning, and any signs of resistance or opposition.

What are some of the symbols that graffiti artists have used?

There are many different symbols that graffiti artists have used. Graffiti can be written in different ways, and while some of the words or slogans can be interpreted differently, other words or slogans can be read the same way. Therefore, graffiti and writing are used for different things. This does not mean that graffiti writers are not using a variety of symbols and words. Instead, most graffiti writers use symbols to communicate with other graffiti writers and to convey meaning. The most important symbols, such as those used in graffiti, are to be read carefully because you could miss the meaning of the message. If the message does not have a specific meaning, it can easily be misinterpreted.

How much do graffiti writers earn?

Graffiti writers are sometimes paid more than other street artists. Typically, graffiti writers are paid less, either due to the level of skill they have demonstrated, because they have a longer history of writing, or a different number of letters they may have written.

What is graffiti history?


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