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It would be something that I could do if I didn’t have the need to make the connection between a certain spell and what the spell is used for. I’m going to go through the steps I did to perform a simple spell by connecting a certain spell to a certain image.

Here it is so simple, it’s really not at all difficult. It will be helpful for you.

In a nutshell, I’m going to make sure the background and images I use are the same for all the images around it, and I’m setting up a “magic square”, by which I’m going to be able to change any image on this page.

Step 1: Find a Background image

I’m using this image, created by the “How to create magic squares” tutorial, as a background for this page.

Step 2: Find an Image that will link to the page

I’m going to go to my “Add a magic square” page and go for a different image. I want the square to be small and it should be dark green. You can also click the “Select image” button when you are done.

Step 3: Choose the color for the magic square

I’m just going to make a dark green magic box. The reason for choosing dark green is because it is the color that I use at home to do magic like these. You can do this all over the house, but I find it easier to find the magic square I need on my desktop. If you have a different color in mind, I would suggest you to find a green item on your computer right now.

Now just click on the magic square I just created to apply magic to the photo as I’ve selected it. The resulting picture appears in a different place.

Let’s take a look at the magic square that I created.

Step 4: Make the “Magic square”

Now for the next step. You can find the magic square I created just by clicking on any of the green icons in the lower right corner. You’ll find a green item called “Magical Magic Box”.

Click on the Magic Box icon, and then click on the magic square icon to apply magic to the photo.

That’s it! It makes the magic square much tighter, but still doesn’t look like magic. I’m still not fully clear on the magic squares I created from all the images because I only got a handful right.

Step 5

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