Is Derren Brown a magician? – How To Do Magic Tricks With Coins With Evan Era Tv

Yes, he really does have a magic trick. Yes, he really does have a trick that people are actually fooled by. And yes, the public, who’ve seen enough videos, are smart enough not to believe he has been tricked.

“No one in the public has ever heard of him,” Bessette told WISN 12 News. “He’s really very odd. He has a lot of bizarre habits, he likes talking about sex and sex toys.”

And the “tricks?”

“The best way to describe him is he does things in strange ways,” she said. “He wears very dark glasses and there is this other, red-head woman standing off to the side.”

The woman in his video, which we published in January, wears high-heels and is holding “an item that he keeps in his sock pocket,” she has to admit. “He talks about how he got her attention and grabbed her,” she told WISN. “She was shocked when he threw his bodyweight down on her. She started to feel really good. She thought she had been on a date with this guy.”

Brown said the woman is his girlfriend.

“She would go on dates with him before he did it with her,” he said. “I’ve had girls try to seduce him for the first time now, now she’s jealous.”

Brown’s parents contacted WISN 12 News saying they were shocked to see their son’s “magic” show on the Internet.

“This is the type of thing that happens with the Internet,” said Bessette.

But what is Brown’s end game? Could a simple magic trick help him?

“It may help for people who can’t afford his magic show anymore because there’s no way they’re going to make it work,” she said.

The Magic Show has a website where people can make donations to Brown’s organization.

Brown’s goal is to make 50 shows a day by the end of this year.

Image caption A video posted online showed the scene in the city centre after the blast

At least 33 people have been killed and 150 injured in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad, in two blasts that hit one of the city’s main malls.

Officials say one of the blasts was at the Jinnah Industrial Park, which houses some of the country’s big industries such as cement, steel and machinery.

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