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Bodhisattva: Oh, that was just a trick of the Japanese mind. If people who were born in Japan really look, they can see that Japanese mythology and religion is the same as Tibetan Buddhism. I thought that these concepts of magic would be a way of integrating the three cultures which we are all familiar with.

What is the philosophy of Buddhism?

Bodhisattva: That’s a great question. I’m not sure that it’s as simple as what many people think—that the doctrine of Buddhism is a set of moral principles which people should follow, and which can also help them with business or other life matters. Maybe it is more of an attempt by a group of people to explain how they think about life.

What role do you believe technology plays in shaping religion?

Bodhisattva: This question doesn’t really make sense in a purely ethical sense. I think technology has a positive role, and religion has the opposite. I mean, if we have a little bit of free time, we can spend it learning or inventing whatever we want. In Buddhism it is more about living a Buddhist life, because we know there are limitations.

In the world today people are constantly on the go but also in debt, and it is difficult for them to live a peaceful life. The Buddhist teaching tries to help people not to be in debt and to think about what they want with their money, what they cannot do. Religion has many of the same issues—how do we make a good living?—and religion tries to explain these problems and help people. We have all that technology to help us do so. Religion helps us get our freedom.

How would you describe the world as a whole?

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Bodhisattva: It is a pretty messed up world. There are too many people. Too many wars. Our resources are very limited. When you think of resource scarcity, you think about the desert and your own personal situation. If you don’t have enough food, you don’t have enough money to buy whatever you need. And that is really the biggest problem. The second greatest problem is that there are not enough places to live. The Third World countries now want to send their kids to university so they can go back home and have a better life than they have lived so far. The fourth greatest problem is that there are too many weapons. There are too many wars going on.

What is a technology’s role in

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