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“I always try to stay on schedule with my workouts and do enough so that people can know that I’m an Olympian. I would not know how to keep up, I want to be on the podium. My goal is to do what I can to make some noise, win some races, get some media and have a lot of supporters.”

What’s a typical day in Olympic Village before practice?

“The main thing that I do from day one is start at 9 a.m. So we start with the breakfast, which is hot, a milkshake, then we go to the swimming pool at 13:20 and start warmup in the gym around 13:30 and that’s where I do a lot of my stretching and work on my leg strength. I work on getting my muscles ready to go with my warmup and then get in and do my warm up, then after a minute we do some light cardio on the treadmill, or we take long hot baths and we eat lunch at lunchtime. You take a full day off after your morning walk in the middle of the beach and then we go to the swimming pool at 1PM.”

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Who are your training partners and the ones who inspire you?

“They are all really hard in different ways and have their own routines that vary and can vary quite a bit.” And this group of athletes is extremely talented. There are some really good athletes that are already established and I think they get the support from other people to help them take the next step and hopefully one day win something.”

Who is your biggest inspiration?

“The most important thing is just to keep working hard in order to progress. You are also able to be a role model and I think just like every person who wants to be successful, there are people who try to stand out to help. And the one, the only thing that I am really happy about is to have so many great people supporting me and encouraging me.”

The world is changing so much but one area we’ve been talking about recently is the cost of health care in the United States. What are the biggest challenges to Americans’ health care?

“Our health care system is terrible right now. It’s expensive to be a single parent and it’s expensive to be sick. It’s hard to get coverage for health care as a single parent. So, you don’t get to keep your head straight every time you go get diagnosed with something and then have the time to

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