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I was not one of them.

“Mio?” Kizuna’s words resounded in my mind, and all I knew was that I looked at Mio with a cold stare and asked about her past.

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Mio’s body was covered in a red-red color. She was in her elementary school years, and after that was when she started to show some good things in her body. Even though she had that kind of physique. She was certainly no ordinary person, who stood right at that grade one’s top. No, even so, it was not surprising for her to be at that level. It should at least be known by that.

“It’s not something that has been talked about on this site but it has been known. Kizuna, what was Mio’s nickname in middle school?”

“I don’t understand why you asked that, because I only knew those three names, and they weren’t my own. I had forgotten. That’s why I didn’t know whether or not you knew.”

It can’t be helped. Well, it can be helped. I had done it. My eyes met with those pupils that looked like they had no intentions of going back back into that hole.

“I see you had some reason to know though. Kizuna. Please. I don’t know anything about Mio or her past. I only know about what I seen in front of my eyes yesterday. I see you have an even more complex personality than me, but there may be more mysteries waiting for me. I will tell you, Kizuna.”

Her words flowed naturally into Kizuna’s head, so he couldn’t do anything to stop her. Instead of a ‘thank you’, or even a ‘thank you for being so kind’, it was enough to get a feeling of gratitude from him.

“Then, I can’t refuse?”

Kizuna accepted her hand without even looking at her, and started speaking while trying to hold back his voice in surprise.

“Y-yes. Because of that, I’m the one being asked. …I see, so when did this happen?”

“……This has already been decided.”

Mio, who had seen through his feelings, turned her eyes away and spoke seriously.

“You are that kind of person so I won’t deny it.”



That’s right.

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