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The most basic aspect of illusions is that they can mislead your mind and your sense of reality. In fact, many psychologists believe there are four main types of illusion, the first two involving the perception of physical objects as if they are moving and the third being the illusion of your perception of a change in location, such as a change in your position.

Physical illusions are visual illusions: We see a tree growing, a woman or something else becoming heavier, etc. The idea is we cannot see these things because they are not solid. In fact, it is a false sensation, a physical illusion, of a body weight being on our shoulders or that water is on our eyes to make us feel better about ourselves. So we do not really perceive these things.

Emotion illusions are the illusion of perceiving an emotional experience in words or symbols: We see love and grief and anger, etc. To make you feel better, our eyes would like to see you smile or laugh even though these things are not realistic.

We can also perceive sensations as they are happening instead of imagining them in terms of their physical representation, which is how we perceive a physical stimulus like a warm or cold stick. When the stick is warm, we feel warm, which is true for our sensation as well. When the stick is cold, we feel cold.

Insight illusions are visual illusions: We can observe the appearance of something through a single small window or through several small openings. In fact we see a little detail that we may not notice otherwise. For example, in our mind, the appearance of rain through a window appears to have multiple light sources that are all in different spots, because the window is covered with glass. When we see rain outside, however, we can see a single light source in the center of the window.

Psychology describes how people feel based on the effects of the illusion

All of the physical, emotional and psychological illusions are believed to affect the way we perceive the world in a way that can result in distorted ideas of reality and in a lack of self-awareness.

Psychologists generally attribute this phenomenon to the way in which we create mental images. Each of us has about 30,000 to 50,000 mental images stored in our imagination that are stored in our brain. These mental images, when stored in our mind, create the impression of what we see or feel or think.

The idea is that we are able to mentally construct these images and the images in our

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