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I’m not sure why people don’t just use the pencils or the ball point on their forearms. Maybe it’s so much easier to use the pencils and pencils or a ball point too. I know I wouldn’t use my forearms, but I would think I could get used to it.

I also have read somewhere that the only way to levitate with a pencil was to use the pencils over and over and over.

So I am curious if there is any way to make a magnetic levitation device that levitated with pencils?

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When I started my education, my classes would get very intense. As a result, my grades would be very low. In school, I learned to use my writing to speak more clearly in my own voice, so when I found myself in a difficult situation, I could speak to the professor and explain why I was upset. The professor, if he wasn’t already aware of the situation, would find a way to relate to my frustration in a professional way, which led to me realizing that my professor was a mentor, not an instructor.” —Anonymous

“You’re a good person. You have integrity. Do my job well every chance you get. When I get frustrated, I remind myself that the goal of a mentor is to help you develop more so that when you grow up your future colleagues, parents, and friends will be aware of your accomplishments.” —Anonymous

I’m sorry, but no, I have not seen the latest “Jurassic Park” movie.

Yes, my pal Kevin Smith, host of his podcast “The World of Tomorrow,” has not seen the latest “Jurassic World.”

I should know. And I’m really sorry, because it’s not me he’s talking about.

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I’m talking about myself.

It’s not that I have not seen “Jurassic World.” It happens every decade. I’ve seen “Jurassic Park” movies and rewatched them over and over again. And I’m not the only one.

Smith is so sure you will not ever visit the island of Isla Nublar that he decided to create a movie trailer about it. (He’s written another movie trailer that is about to release).

But Smith has not seen “Jurassic World.” And because he does not understand the movie itself or the special effects that were put into the movie

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