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First, some background information on Illusion theory. Second, the key psychological principle that shapes the illusion’s behavior, and a more specific example, as well as my explanation of what an illusion is. Third, the most common illusion types and their explanation, along with a few tricks to fool the most advanced practitioners. 4. The Illusion of the Bamboo Bamboo represents the illusion of a person with only one hand. Bamboo comes in many varieties, so let’s talk about the basic structure of both the visual and auditory illusions of Bamboo. Let’s talk about this structure again now and later. A. The Lateral Locus of Control. This is the place where the brain starts to recognize and interpret what’s happening in the world around you. In this example, it recognizes that I have two hands. It starts to put them into the right hand of a person in front of me. It’s the left hemisphere. This is the basic structure of vision and the part of your brain that’s responsible for what’s going on outside your eyes. It’s the lateral Locus of Control. It starts the recognition and interpretation process that takes you from the actual experience of looking at this thing on the ceiling to this thing standing on the floor or in my hand. B. The Limbic System. This part of your brain is involved in the body’s basic functions. It starts your bodily reactions. It looks at the person and starts telling the body to do a particular action. It thinks about the body and where it’s going to take you, and finally it does the actual action. This happens within your Limbic System. I can’t talk about what the Limbic System does in detail. People have an entire field of study in studying it (and I’ll talk about the details in another lecture). The easiest way to think about the Limbic System is in terms of a person you’re talking to. If their back are facing me, they’re getting more out of the left side of their body with the left side of their foot than they’re getting out of the right side of their body with the right side of their foot. This is like an out of body experience. In general, the visual or auditory part of your brain gets more out of the top than the bottom and more out of the bottom than the top. The part which goes on the other side of the body or inside the head will get more from the left side than the right side. That’s the way it works. In a lot of situations
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