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Psi is the term for the powers of God, the divine spirits which the ancient Hebrews called El, or God, or Jehovah. They had no name for the supernatural spirits that they invoked. They simply described them as being on the side of the angels in a heavenly court, an exalted state of divine knowledge, the knowledge of the will of God, the power of wisdom, the power of knowledge, and so on. As the Lord’s word has often been said, “No power or knowledge or wisdom or insight or understanding of any kind can come to you unless you have heard the Father and have had fellowship with him through the Holy Ghost.” (Mal 3:16).

As a consequence, the Bible says that no power is stronger than the Spirit of God, and no power of any kind can work, save that which is communicated to the spirit. (Matt 19:9; 2 Tim 5:21.)

The Scriptures tell us that the prophets were to receive “spiritual gifts” from the Holy Spirit after they had received their confirmation of faith. In these spiritual gifts the Holy Spirit came to help the prophets and to warn and to warn others. (Eccl 1:22, 23; John 14:23; 17:21; 2 Tim 2:24; Heb 1:6; 10:15; Acts 5:29; 17:5,30,34, etc.)

This means that all who receive spiritual gifts have been given a power to work miracles and to give answers to the prayers of the people who believe in and follow the gospel.

What is the origin of the word “psi”?

The origin of “psi” is lost to history. What is known is that its use is not limited to the Hebrew Scriptures. It occurs in the New Testament, and, according to St. Jerome, in the Acts of the Apostles, and in other places.

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However, to what is ascribed this word is impossible to prove. The term comes in the first line of the Book of Job. The word appears in the Greek of the New Testament as Job 1:7 “We know what, to wit, you are.” To show that it was the Old Testament Greek, we should examine the first line of Hebrew.

First, it is necessary to understand that in Greek the word psi means both “spirit” and “fate.” There are many versions. The Syriac Version says: “And in Greek all manner of words are

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