Who is the best magician in the world? – Easy Card Magic Tricks To Learn Youtube

That seems like a pretty obvious question. A couple of years ago, I had some time to kill, and one of the best magicians in the world was in town. I was not on the best of terms with him as he was known, but this guy had a great set up for the final magic. It was a great setup. I had to ask him and he obliged, but the magic turned out to be a mess.

The trick I remember was this one, where he had me look in a mirror. I was really looking in the wrong thing. Now I was thinking of how to deal with the fact that I was looking at a mirror, and the answer to that was actually pretty simple. I grabbed for a large mirror. I turned the camera to the wall, took a close-up of my face, and snapped another pic of myself. Then I threw some stuff across the room. I knew this was just bad, because one more photo of me looking back at the mirror and laughing would do it, but it was too much. So I didn’t do it.

When the magician came back two hours later and took my picture, he had to do it again. Now I was looking so serious that this was all a bad joke, but I just didn’t do it.

One of our greatest magic tricks involves two friends in an airport, who are trying their luck at flying. You’ve probably heard the story. The first friend flies, landing in London, leaving a bunch of tickets and a card in his hand. The second friend flies and a few years later, all the cards vanish. The first friend tries to find some new card, but finds nothing. The second friend is even more confused and the same thing happens to the cards they held on their way out the airport. Finally, the first guy, frustrated, asks the second friend: “How do you think the cards are going to fall?” The response?

“Well, it’ll just fall apart one at a time.”

I do not see how that could be the correct answer.

For the longest time it seemed like everything worked out fine for the magician. But he had more than enough in the tank by the time he got home. The best thing he did was tell the next guy not to take any chances with his trick. They both took their photos the next day, and then the first one turned out fine. The second didn’t.

When we do a live magic set,

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