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Mind reading is a type of mind reading where you take a note of some personal information about another person or a collection of their characteristics with your mind and then read the note out loud with your mind and it will then pick up on how they read. This is not something that can be said to be easy though. Some people cannot read the mind of another individual in this way – there are just certain mental states that other people are better able to pick up on. It has also been known to be dangerous, so if you are intending to be mind reading someone, try to keep them away.

How can you avoid being mind reading?

The best way of avoiding mind reading is not to take notes. Just do not read their mind and you will be fine. I do this a lot, I have a lot of friends who have just stopped mind reading and just do not mind reading, so I just do not take notes when I’m sitting in a cafe and I read their mind.

You can also try getting a dictionary or even a book of the meaning of the words, if you have a mind reading friend in your life, you can pick that out. You can also write to them directly which is good.

You can also use different methods. Some people may write their thought down in a notebook or just take notes in a mental dictionary. You can also try to talk with them on your own by putting your own thoughts into their mind.

When should I stop mind reading or should I keep going?

Don’t stop mind reading until you feel you can read the minds of all the people you are talking to in an enjoyable way, which you should try to do a lot. It is not necessary to mind read a mind reading partner to find out if they are happy, sad, happy but not as happy as you are, sad but not as sad as you are. For example, I know a guy who mind reads a lot of girls before they have sex – I mean he does that until she has fallen pregnant and when she has told him the truth he can only look on in horror at how he was the one who ruined her childhood.

To avoid being mind reading, if a person is talking to you about any of the things that happen in their life, don’t use your mind reading skills on them, don’t mind read her feelings or thoughts in general. If they are giving your mind any ideas what they have been through that should be kept on paper – just

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