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One interesting and provocative theory of the phenomenon of levitation is that it must be real because it can be seen and sensed. This kind of “evidence” is so compelling that it convinces even very skeptical witnesses to believe. Unfortunately for the skeptics, a lot of these witnesses, who have had an extensive training as physics scientists, were not taught a theory of this kind, nor did they have a rigorous set of experiments or experiments in proof. It is a simple fact of physics that any moving body can exert an impulse on other stationary objects. The question then becomes how and where this pressure is exerted.
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There is a problem with this concept, of course. It is based on a misconception of what causes such a phenomenon. A body floating in an airless environment is a completely different thing than a body floating in a vacuum. There is nothing about the motion of the body that prevents any pressure from being exerted on it.

Consider the motion of an object as in figure (2). The object is moving around on a plane: the angle of motion is always less than 15°. At each step it goes one extra step. In figure (3) the object goes a third step and so on. To move the object, it must first go one extra step. What does gravity do in this process? Gravitation is a simple attraction (or repulsion) force between two objects. Let us call this attraction a gravitation. The object becomes slightly heavier than its baseline of rest, making the pressure (at various heights and angles of the circle) rise. When a body falls to its baseline, its gravity is the same as that of the ground it stands on.

But it isn’t the gravitational attraction at the bottom that exerts any pressure. The object at the bottom is a stable body, completely still. When the object descends through an angle (say, 90°) the pressure drops. That means that the mass in the object has decreased by 90%. A similar explanation applies if we compare a floating sphere at sea level to a body that is at the bottom of a lake. A body at the bottom of the lake increases its gravitational attraction to the lake bottom.

The problem with this thinking relates to the concept of “resonance” in the electromagnetic field, namely the fact that at all angles the wave energy propagating through the fluid is multiplied by energy equal to the square of the distance. In figure (4) we see a body in water at the bottom of a pond that

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