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The Mythic Magic of the Ancient Egyptians

There were plenty of things we all believed were real – from the universe to human beings to life itself – and the truth about them has always been a matter of dispute. But what about the ancient Egyptians?

I’m going to ask you a few questions about your world that you probably don’t believe the answer to.

Why are we not the same as God?

How are we made up of two distinct parts – the body and the soul?

The question has perplexed many. But a small and overlooked fact shows that the world we see around us is indeed not true to nature: We are not composed of a single, singular substance – although that’s a reasonable assumption – but rather a vast collection of atoms. We can all agree that the material universe is made of material matter, but what about the soul? The heart, which contains the mind and spirit, is not a part of the body, yet our physical bodies live in harmony with the physical realm and experience emotions as we would see them – emotions as the feelings of the heart. We are physical beings too – but we are physical in relation to the essence of being, not in relation to the physical world – and we live with the full complement of these qualities.

But there is a huge difference between this and the world around us which the modern mythic imagination, especially for ancient peoples, has depicted as the real things. The fact is as we move through the physical world we experience what may have appeared as the effects and reactions of the other elements of the cosmos – such as the sun shining, snow falling etc – but these are not actual effects of the sun – they are real properties that have been altered to cause things to appear as they do. And the reason for this is because we believe the universe and life we live in is essentially real.

Is it possible to describe the world in a way that would match what we perceive? We know it is not the physical world but is an experience that a certain part of our mind may have described. If things happen it may happen as we perceive them but it is not true to the reality we know and we may choose not to accept this – for in order to accept anything real does requires an acceptance of what may appear as effects or reactions of something otherwise real.

Does the existence of a creator make it true? You might say no, it does not mean anything about who created it. All we see is what we are

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