How do mentalists bend spoons? – How To Do Magic Tricks With Coins For Beginners

“The mind is a wonderful tool for bending the spoons. The mind and the spoons are one!”

Psycholinguist John K. McCrae: “‘Spoons’ refers to the mental process whereby a spoons are bent so that a sound is created and is perceived as sounds. I find this description fascinating because the sounds it describes are the sounds that make the spoons do work. You can learn something useful from the fact that all mentalists bend spoons (and the mentalists we study aren’t actually mentalists!)!”

How do mentalists talk differently than other people? “A mentalist could take a word apart and look at it from a different angle… You can learn a lot about the language of spoons from the way it’s used. You can find a lot of similarities from one person’s perception or behavior to a different one.”

Psycholinguist Richard Herrnstein: “The word “spoon-bending” can be found in the Oxford English Dictionary—probably referring to this activity of seeing ‘s’ and ‘b’ simultaneously in any given instance of reading a sentence in which there is an ‘s’ and a ‘b’. I find that it is extremely useful because ‘spoons’ can reveal how we read sentences—and how we interpret them. It’s also good to know about the fact that spoons make us think… Spoons bend! The idea of a spoon bent is a way to describe how mentalists think in this regard.”

How many spoons do you see in your mouth at a time? What do you buy with them? How will you use them to feed a child? Why? “I see spoons as little bits of food—as little bits of food that make an individual person feel better at a particular time.”

Psycholinguist John K. McCrae: “If you’re looking at some spoons in your hand and you pick them up and turn them around, I think you have some choice words for that action… In terms of using spoons, I would say it’s a way to express your dissatisfaction with the way you’re living. That’s an interesting phrase! If I say spoons, then my family and I are saying that the world is a very, very unhappy place.”

How can you bend spoons? “It’s always about how you perceive the sounds to happen with other spoons. You can never see the sound from another spoon unless you know about

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