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Magic: The Gathering, known commonly as Magic: The Gathering, is an adult-oriented card game played with cards (often used for trading) and miniatures (usually used for combat) that consists of a card deck and a rulebook describing the game’s play. Unlike chess, for instance, playing a game of Magic is not simply about playing cards but about manipulating objects and playing out complex games (such as fighting, drafting, and combat) without having to be a master of all six of the game’s disciplines (as many are today). Unlike other forms of card games, Magic is designed to be played by any adult, with no minimum age required; there are no “age limits” in Magic and people are generally able to participate without problem.

To learn more about making Magic: The Gathering cards or to see what cards you can use for fantasy or sci-fi games visit the Magic card page.

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Can I Learn Magic The Gathering Online?

With any online game, the player base grows and grows as the game advances. That also means that new players are able to play Magic The Gathering online for as long as their computer’s memory will permit, because all characters in the game have the same level of stats. You may need a lot of memory for Magic, however. The game takes between 10 and 15 minutes for it to load, depending on the amount of players in a game.

To play Magic online for free, visit for more details on this game.

Can I Learn Magic The Gathering Rules and Play Online?

Once you’ve downloaded Magic: The Gathering, you can play online on World of Warcraft, through a “portal” interface available in many gaming systems, or through a “live tournament” game in which players compete against each other within a single online realm for virtual coins, which each earns when you have earned the majority of opponents within the game’s playable realms.

To learn more and to download a free copy of Magic the Gathering, visit or to sign-up at World of Warcraft.

Can I Play Magic Online?

You can play Magic online with any computer, any platform, with any Internet connection, anytime, anywhere. Whether you play with friends, through a friend, in a private group, by yourself or with anyone else, everyone is welcome to download and use Magic online. There

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