How do you do the rubber pencil trick? – Magic Tricks Revealed Cards

Put a little bit of glue along the front edge. Make a little mark and a little groove for the pencil.

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Insert a pencil sharpener or use a small flat-topped pencil and start drawing!

Once you get to the groove, it’s usually a lot easier to just use your hands and it’s much less awkward to start from the front edge.

So here’s a quick video:

For best results, test your pencil line before you begin to make your mark.

Have you ever tried this trick? How did you do?

From left, Matt Kremnitzer, Michael B. Smith and Michael DeNardo were among the first to arrive at the base of the scaffold. Kremnitzer said that he didn’t know whether the rope would hold for another day or not. David Zalubowski/AP

The first thing that appeared to break in Monday evening’s historic collapse of the world’s tallest mountain, a 6,029-foot-high tower atop New Hampshire’s Mauna Kea volcano, was the sheer mass of rocks below.

Within minutes, the ropes that would hang onto the scaffold above the summit began to flail, twisting and snapping.

The situation is being portrayed by some climbers as a miracle, in which the sheer weight of the rock beneath the climbers’ feet — which was at least 400 tons — seemed to have stabilized the ropes, allowing them to continue, unbroken, to the top of the mountain.

“It was a miracle that we made it, and it wasn’t a miracle that we didn’t,” said New Mexico-based climber Matt Kremnitzer, who climbed the mountain on the eighth day of “Mauna Kea in the Moment.”

“We’re doing some crazy stuff up here, we’re doing some pretty high stuff,” Kremnitzer told The Associated Press, adding that he and his team plan to try a new route on the base of the mountain, up a cliffside, in hopes of raising the total height to around 9,000 feet.

“We’re still looking forward to the first day of our journey back down for the rest of our lives,” he said. “This is just one more opportunity we’re going to take advantage of.”

He said he had heard an eyewitness report of a man clinging to the ropes as they fell.

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