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16. Was it used by some to define the Devil?

17. Was it used by some to define Lucifer?

18. Was it used to describe Satan in any way?

19. Can any of these definitions be wrong?

20. How do you come to such conclusions?

Answer: The Bible records three separate events that show the use of this word in the past; there are other interpretations you can make about these different events if you would like. The first one is the creation of the world by God in Noah’s day.
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The second one is the serpent. The third is the creation of Satan in the first century by the Roman emperor Aventinus and a little bit of that has been documented in the Church fathers.

The Bible tells us that the Lord said to Noah that he would destroy all men, even all the birds in the sky. He said to him, “This is a faithful nation, a people kept in for ever: Behold, all it needs is thy seed to save it,” (Genesis 9:6). By creating a nation in Noah’s day, God said Noah was saved because he was a faithful people and he was kept in for ever and he provided the seed to save it.

The Word “Witch” (Deuteronomy 24:11)

Deuteronomy 24:11. If a man meets a woman that is a witch, or one that is a madman and they have intercourse, or they lie together in bed together, and the woman’s brother finds out about it, then it is a sin against the woman’s blood and on her brother’s soul.

When we read this passage, we quickly realize why it’s called “Witch”. The word “wizard” comes first. There are several other possible translations of “master” or “wise man” that come to mind without the negative connotation of the meaning of “witch”. A “magic” is something that is used to get something done. A “master” or “wizard” does something magical for the benefit of his/her co-workers and the people in the group.

As we go along the Scriptures, we realize that people have used the word “witch” in many different meanings that we can see at various places within the Bible. As we work through this study, we will find that the term “wizard”, “magic,” and “witch” have many meanings. It must be

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