How does close up magic work? – How To Do A Card Magic Trick Youtube

A little of both, actually. There’s a lot of magical practice required to use close-up magic, and that’s where the magic starts. Because it doesn’t require much of an action, it’s more of a skill to master, that’s why there’s lots of books out there that teach you in detail how to do magic.

With a light spell, you’ll be casting and focusing your eyes on what you’re casting, which means that your body is doing something to focus on your light. When you do that, it’s just like you’re focusing on a focus point in your eye as you focus. The actual action happens in the back of your mind.

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So, when you do magic or close-up magic, the main thing you’re doing is you’re concentrating on your light and not focusing on yourself. All the physical muscles and other stuff around you are doing their part to focus on you. There are really two things: the magical act and your body’s response to it.

So, with a close-up spell, like putting a hand in the light, what happens with your body and its reaction when you do that is it’s just like being in concentration when you put your hands in a spotlight. And you notice the light’s going off and this color is getting lighter. It’s just like what you are in concentration. It’s just like being in concentration on a focus point in your eye, where your muscles are trying to do this thing to keep the light coming off. The magic is what happens after that, in that time it happens a lot easier.

With a regular spell, what’s happening is like if you were drawing a light spell, your body is drawing that energy, that light, off and doing the work that it needs to do to concentrate on the light spell while making sure it doesn’t burn your fingers. So, your muscles are doing a much better job of focusing on you and the light as you’re using that magical force, but they’re not as efficient as your eyes are doing the magical work. So you have an increase in energy that’s being used to do the task.

Once you get to a light spell of 5 seconds or less, or you’re doing a little bit of it and it’s just not getting done, then you can do a magic practice of a little bit greater than that and that may actually give you longer results. You know, you’ve gone from 5 seconds to a spell that’s 5.5 seconds

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