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It begins, quite simply, with using a little bit of personal power. You can, in fact, apply the power to make everything around you better.

For instance, how does one become stronger with their hands, feet & body?

You can’t. Just like you can’t make your feet or hands stronger, you can’t make yourself stronger with the power of yourself. In fact, your strongest person is yourself, even if you can’t use it physically.

In other words: “My body is already weak, so any power I use is useless. You can get stronger than I am, but you will never be as strong as I am.”

However, if you’re a “power master”, you can change your strength (or lack thereof) at will. If you start at a level where you’re just like 99% of the world, and you use the power more than 99% of the world, you can go beyond 99% of the world’s power.

If you apply enough power, you can break the “one percent rule”, which is that the 1% of power that you can apply will dominate 99% of that power.

And you’d probably use lots of power to do it – not just the powers you can make yourself stronger, but the ones you can make anyone else stronger, as well.

If you could, what would this world be like?

You’d have tons of people who could be super powerful with the powers they already have, but would still have tons of other people weaker than them. But, by changing the way they operate, they could make themselves superhumanly powerful, and even everyone else. Then they would fight each other and win.

How about other magical creatures, like dragons, for instance?

You do have an incredible amount of power for your size, but how do you use it? It turns out that not a whole lot of magic is usable by non-humans, and many people are in dire need of power like that.

For example, a single human male could use a single piece of magical power, to create a dragon, and then he’d need to protect it, or he might die if it was lost or exposed.

That means that he’d be much more valuable at killing people who can do it than he is at fighting other people with their own magical power.

I should explain that in case people ask, yes, dragons are magic in the

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