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At this point, the question is somewhat moot. The real question is: “Do banks have a vested interest in preventing digital currency from having as large a footprint as possible in the banking system?” Indeed, this is precisely the issue at the core of the argument for bank regulation. A central issue in this context is a simple one: how are banks going to prevent digital currency from being able to compete with traditional forms of money like deposit and credit?

There have been a number of different proposals to limit digital currency’s network effect and the ability to disrupt traditional financial institutions. These proposals are not unique to this discussion though. They’ve been voiced by the likes of Charlie Shrem and others at numerous times. For instance, Charlie Shrem recently announced that he supports an industry-wide measure that would have the Fed adopt a blanket policy to regulate virtual currency. On the other hand, the FDIC chairman noted that a blanket regulatory stance is not a likely direction for an industry that doesn’t have the regulatory framework in place. The key point of debate is whether or not “monetary policy” should become too aggressive with regard to digital currency and whether or not digital asset regulation should be expanded to account for these new forms of financial instruments.

Is there a legal position for digital currency?

Yes, for a number of reasons. The most important reasons are the need to make sure digital currency is not able to be used for illicit activities. More importantly though, it could pose another significant threat to the banking industry based on the fact that banks may be forced to rely on the public as a means of maintaining customer loyalty and trust. It is this very consumer-based business relationship that is so important to the modern banking industry.

When I was younger, I didn’t really consider what I do to be art. It was just something I did when I was bored at night and got some inspiration later on.

I used to think I was doing this because I thought I was good at it, but I really don’t remember that. I’ve been doing what I’m doing for years, and in the process, I think it has inspired people all over the world.

It’s not about who’s better or how, it’s about what creates something beautiful, and it’s about putting out content that people find interesting.

It’s like a painter. I’m good at drawing, but I don’t do painting or drawing-style-type stuff, it’s like a painter doesn’t like to draw

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