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“The simplest explanation is that our Earth exerts a force in the form of gravity on our own planet. This force pushes everything else down, but only our planet is able to lift itself out of the way. However, the force is very weak, so only a small fraction of the force actually gets to propel objects.

The force that levitates is created when a strong field is superimposed on a lighter field, due to the gravitational attraction between them. If, for example, the light in the background field is superimposed on the light from the heavy particles, which would cause an increase in the light by 1/12 of the total amount, then the field could levitate the heavier particles. Therefore, if you superimpose a thick dark field on to the superimposed light, you can levitate heavier particles without an increase in the light or dark fields themselves.

“If you have only two colors of light, like red and green, which superimpose on to each other, the dark color becomes more intense and the light becomes green. And in this case, the light can move from the light field to the dark field, thereby providing a stronger force that moves the heavier particles along the path of the lighter particles.

“This same principle can be used for levitation to move moving objects.”
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Can levitation be used to slow down the speed of trains?

Yes, if the speed of the train is accelerated from its previous speed. When it reaches a speed of 100 mph, it is travelling at the speed of gravity, i.e. the speed of light. The levitating rail would then make it travel at a slower speed than a stationary train.

Can this really happen?

Yes, and since we are currently travelling at a speed of 186 million miles per hour (324.3 million km/hr), it could happen within just a few seconds.

What are the disadvantages of levitation?

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