What does dark magic mean? – How To Do Magic Tricks Easy For Kids

In this sense it’s like taking away the dark power in a person. The dark power comes from the personality of the person. It’s a kind of energy to control what one is in control over and not let it destroy the physical body (or anything for that matter).

How could it be used in a magical battle?

Dark magic is like a form of counterattack that can be used by one’s opponent. The use of it can be as good or bad as one wants to use it, but in a way, it can be seen as a counterattack to damage the enemy’s power or a way to kill it, as well.

How do you use Dark Magic in a battle?

It doesn’t really matter whether it’s Dark Magic or magic. In most cases it will be Dark Magic. You can use Dark Magic to counterattack like this, but sometimes it will be better to simply control the situation and go with something one naturally has a knack for.

For example, I’ll use Dark Magic to defend. I won’t be in a position to use it if my opponents uses Dark Magic. But if I use it, I don’t want one of them to get away without taking some damage. As it is, it leaves the victim vulnerable. However Dark Magic is not meant to be a way for a person to kill someone, but rather a counter to damage. It also doesn’t mean that a person should kill someone they don’t have to. In fact, that’s the biggest thing to keep in mind: don’t put yourself into dangerous situations that you could be forced into.

You’ve already talked about how to make use of magic. What other techniques will you use from now on?

As I’ve said before, I want to increase my knowledge of other schools and techniques. By learning other types of magic, I could easily find new and easier methods. For example, there were a couple of students who taught me something they didn’t know before.

The fact I didn’t know anything about some of these things before also means this new technique is really useful and it could be great if I use it. In terms of technique, I want to start with something that makes use of magic, then I could add more in the future if I feel like doing it.

I want to start by teaching you Dark Magic, as well as other magic…

Yes! I plan to teach you both at once!


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