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How did he work his magic? Did he go to the hospital? Was he in the hospital? We’ll be honest here with you, it’s hard to tell how he got out of there alive (even if his story seems to say otherwise). And when a magician does something like that, we’re going to expect to see him walk away. But when you’re a magician, you don’t necessarily have the choice. The only option is to keep working, or go to jail. And here is where the whole thing gets really confusing. Because the police were on the way. They weren’t going to leave Blaine right there and then, but they were on their way to help police the magician out. They were going to take Blaine straight to his home so the police could get their hands on him and have it settled. Well, Blaine wasn’t going to do that, he told them that he could tell them anything they wanted to know. That he could give them the information they’ve been working so hard for. The magician was so sure of his magic that he went to great lengths to keep it from those police, who are the ones that are supposed to protect the public from this magic of his.

So when we think about this situation, it’s like a situation where a magician just walked into a police station, and he told the cops everything they need to know about how he was able to trick that many people for so long. So they came to take him away, but not him. And when he was taken away, he wanted nothing to do with them. He didn’t want to tell them what happened to him. Now that’s a story for another day, but it’s a good story for another day.
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So the detectives were going to send us to his home as soon as they were done with the last interview. The police had asked Blaine to give a statement in his own words. Blaine refused. But the police had no choice.

This is when the police realized they couldn’t take him to prison. When they got to his house, they realized they could get him on the phone and talk to him. So they went to his home and they had someone talk to him. And they brought him back to the police station. They explained to him what they wanted to do with him, and Blaine told them what he told Blaine the day before. But it was impossible for them to force him to talk. His magical powers are amazing, he could speak to

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