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Most people think that dark magic involves anything bad. But is it? Well, we have to look into the history of dark magic. Let’s see what the ancient people had to offer in this area.

In the ancient times, during the ancient times, many ancient people had already understood magic. They understood sorcery as a natural process and didn’t have to use any magical means to control the universe. We can see why they became fascinated with the occult.

They are not as sophisticated as scientists today and the only thing they can do from these ancient civilizations is make people become dark creatures. In other words, their gods were evil and used dark magic to make people to become evil.

If you see the word “darksome” it means that this is a bad spell. But who do the people use it for?

They are using it to make people to become cruel and evil like these gods who were using this evil spell. Now this evil power was being brought to light at the time of King Nebuchadrezzar. The king of Babylon asked the gods why were they being created evil. These gods said, “You should stay alone.” Then Nebuchadrezzar called them evil beings. After calling these evil beings “evil” the king said, “If you cannot think of evil, you are not a god.” When Nebuchadrezzar called them evil, they started worshiping his evil nature as though he was their god. They began to worship him like the god they were worshipped!

Later on, the king of Babylon sent word to all the gods of the ancient and pre-modern time. He said, “My sons, these same gods will soon become my sons as well.” These old gods became angry at this and started attacking the newly created gods, but these same gods also began attacking the new gods. This kind of conflict and conflict only created more anger.

The Babylonians began to use many destructive spells to destroy the evil gods of each ancient civilization and then brought darkness through the ages. So the evil nature of these gods was brought to light and the world went back to how it was before the Babylonians used their new god, Yahweh, to destroy the evil powers.

So from this we can see that dark magic in the ancient times was only used by those people who were angry. We can see that it was only evil forces who used it at the time, so they are evil as well. But the ancient people

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